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Hello I am Chyron Ideaus.
I am applying for the Security Officer position.
1) The only reason I am applying for this is because I'm bored...
I am a “Jedi” Watchman currently doing mercenary work for the Republic. I was kicked out of the Jedi order for disrespecting the Jedi Counsel on numerous occasions, making fun of the “Hero of Tython,” and the fact that I would rather fight alongside soldiers than with other Jedi. I prefer to do dangerous missions and will try to make them harder for fun (Thrill seeker). I also enjoy a good laugh...

2) Some of my accomplishments include:
Saving Ambassador Assara from Grand Moff Killran, and not jettisoning her out into deep space. (The thought had crossed my mind)
Rescuing Revan from the Maelstrom Prison and killing Grand Moff Killran in the process. ( Revn's a stiff by the way...)
Defeated Karaga the Hutt and his goon squad. (Though I was unable to keep his robot mount/chair thing)
Only notable failure is not being able to tame the “Terror From Beyond” and use it as a war mount...

3) I tend to use a lot of military tactics and the good old fashion “beat the crap out of them” strategy. Though I have been known to take a non-violent stance on occasion.

4) As for your “ Moral Compass” goes: Yes I have that. I will not do anything (on purpose) that would harm an innocent. Secondary effects, unforeseen acts, and beating some sense into someone do not count, we are at war you know... Torture and executions are acceptable when necessary.

5) For your “Hypothetical Situation” really depends on what it is... I mean if it is some Rancor like thing I may try to use it as a war mount. If its like a Rakghoul, then its likely to killed very quickly. Or if it is meant to help people it may just go back in it's cage... or become food, it all depends.
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