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I have been searching for a job that requires a certain set of skills that I have acquired over my lifetime and apply them to a corporation that will begin moving forward, reliant upon those skills. Why Czerka you may ask? I see this company lasting long into the future, through the highs and lows, but still persevering, ever persistent that it will succeed, it will rise above its competition, and one day be heralded as a corporation above all others. I want to be a part of that, to know that I helped to build it, I was there.

My prior job required that I do whatever it takes to succeed and to live. I, a normal human, not Sith or Jedi, took down the Sith Lord Jadus, the Sith Lord that was over Imperial Intelligence. It scared my employers so much that I was able to accomplish such a feat, that they decided to dominate and control my mind, however, I broke free. I suppose you could say that could be another accomplishment that few have ever attempted and fewer succeed without a broken mind. I suppose my final accomplishment of which you could say I am most proud would be that I was a part of a special strike team compiled of the galaxy's best and brightest to take down the Dread Master Styrak on Darvannis. We took him down, freeing the planet of his corruption and control.

I will do whatever is required or asked of me. I have seen the dark side of people and the good, I have decidedly remained neutral, perhaps a bit withdrawn, but observant. I am always watching people around me, waiting to spot the things that are out of the ordinary should things go awry.

In response to the hypothetical situation, I think the best response would be to delay my entrance to said party, assume control of the situation, lock down the section in which it is supposed to be contained, and from there, subdue via poisons or other mechanics that are at my disposal; or kill the specimen through weapons, jettisoning into space or any other means I may find necessary. After it has been dealt with, I go back to the party, head for the problematic colleague and ask him about his experiment in a most roundabout way. All the while, his answers would be recorded for future reference. Then once he was done, I'd haul him away to see his pet if was still in view, then bring him forward for the discipline to be administrated.
Have you ever felt the presence of an angel? I have. Have you ever watched that angel change…? Into a shadow, a memory a darkness? Have you seen the halo be wiped off like tears? The wings crack and crumble to the dust of our earth to be lost…forever?