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1. My travels have taken me to many of the far-flung corners of the galaxy, and in some ways technically beyond those borders. While I'm sure that working for Czerka would present some... interesting challenges, I've seen some pretty rough situations of my own, so I believe I'm up to the task. I have a crew that are more than capable of assisting me in my duties, and they are largely expendable.

  • Subjugating a species of indigenous chipmunks
  • Killing a Sith Lord
  • Beating Doctor Lokin at a game of Pazaak

3. As a member of the Empire, I wouldn't say I'm as devoted to the cause as the Sith lapdogs, and I'm very much the architect of my future. That being said, credits never hurt, though I hardly consider myself a mercenary. Shall we call it a fair balance between purpose and price point?

4. It hasn't stopped spinning since Hutta. (This isn't a problem, merely an observation.)

5. If my "esteemed colleague" is nearby, I would encourage them to contain the experiment by urging (read: pushing) them toward it and then returning to getting my snack on. Afterward I would summon one of the Ugnaught janitors to clean up the mess.