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CZ-198 Application

Dear Hiring Manager,

I am writing concerning the open position of Security Officer. Although I believe my qualifications and reputation precede me, I will humor you by expounding on them here. Any mysterious disappearances of my perceived competition are mere coincidence, I assure you.

The Czerka name has long been synonymous with excellence and innovation. While I believe I can contribute heartily to these mantras, I believe I bring the third missing vertex to the triangle: intimidation. Czerka must stand strong as a united front against the Republic. By adding threat into the mix, while holding the same standards of excellence and staying ahead of the technological and biological arms race as always, Czerka—and the Empire—will not fail.

Intimidation is something that cannot be faked. It is cultivated, won, and refined over a lifetime of battles and bloodshed. Three particular accomplishments stand out in mind in particular as I honed this dark aura:

  1. I have communed with the shadows, and have disappeared. As an Imperial Agent, I have learned to shed the trappings of personality to become who and what I needed to be and achieve what was necessary. Indeed it may be the agent’s maxim that, “We wear the mask that grins and lies...let them only see us, while we wear the mask.” By learning to discard frivolities but retain the all-too-important passion, great strength is forged. A true agent will use her strengths—and weaknesses—to her best advantage and know how to manipulate her enemies with those skills. As a spy, and as a Security Officer, I can be Czerka’s great asset.
  2. I have saved an entire planet’s resource operation with utmost stealth and discretion. An essential role of a productive Agent is to produce results. Those results will never materialize if intelligence is leaked to the wrong parties ahead of time. (Loose lips down space ships!) As such, I am adamant about absolute discretion in my work. And, where discretion has been breached, I have more than the necessary combat skills to quickly and effectively clean up house.
  3. I am a veteran of war. I have fought in hundreds of battles across many planets in the galaxy. Some I have had to fight alone, with just a dim-witted companion, some in small groups of 4 or 8, and some I have fought in vast snowy landscapes with dozens of others (some dim-witted as well.) I have battled humans, droids, Nerfs, and countless overgrown frogs. I’ve laid waste to mud planets until the skies glittered with beams of light. I’ve taken the leap of faith from one precarious platform to the next as I valiantly dodged out of the way of the tentacle coming to bear on my head. My reflexes and combat strategies are well-developed and practiced.

My moral compass is forged of the purest Turadium; no lightsaber (Jedi nor Sith) shall pierce through. My compass aligns to my own heart and points true and unwavering. I engage very little in “Sith Games” and you will not have to trouble yourself as to where you stand with me. If your pursuits do not serve the common goal, you simply will no longer stand. Sacrifice occasionally has to be made for the greater good; this is distasteful but understandable as long as it is sparing. Light cannot dwell in darkness however.

Just as light cannot dwell in dark, failure cannot be tolerated within the Empire. Esteemed colleague or not, incompetence has been demonstrated by use of poor containment procedures. I would seal the colleague in to “babysit” his pet and lock down the perimeter. Either the experiment does not manage to escape and the colleague is intimidated into obedience or the experiment gets a snack of its own and can be properly dealt with later…and I can rise into the esteemed role.

Czerka, I am your woman. I am experienced in battle, versed in the art of subtlety, and through my power we shall both gain victory. I am sure your analytical minds are quick to see there is no other logical choice for this role other than myself. I will await the expedient delivery of my holorecording with job location coordinates.

Zarielle Malikai