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Bounty Hunter By trade im driven by Credits, and a little mayhem, who could say no to the occasional melee? Czerka Corp is widely known for its excellence in all things lucritive and by extension is a target for many of the galaxy's less than lawful fortune hunters. My line of work leads me to 2 choices work for Czerka or work against Czerka, and its clear that Czerka will be the winning side. So i endeavor to throw my vast skills and Prototype weaponry at Czerka's disposal. as evidence to the quality of equipment and skill i would bring to Czerka, i should point out the many Beasts, War lords, Gangsters and Rouge agents I've been tasked to eliminate.

First up was a Quick-draw "artist" named Vek, this was nothing but skill, first to fire was all there was no amount of high tech gadgets can swing the outcome when nanoseconds count. needless to say the duel went my way. i was later entered into "The Great Hunt" by a shady Hutt. this contest ranged galaxy wide to hit all of the most difficult to find targets in the galaxy. From Admirals to Bank robbers, none could hide from the far reaching skills and weapons at my side. eventually due to the nature of the hunt it was down to me and another hunter known as Tarro Blood, he was a weak minded fool, but used all the best gadgets he could get his hands on. again single combat lead to me as the victor and the honor of challenging a Jedi knight. this more than permacreated my claim to the toughest most ruthless and unstoppable Hunter in the galaxy.

as a result of the Great hunt i was contacted by Darth Malgus, i acted as his enforcer on many occasions where the usual troops, sith warriors and other agents of the empire failed. a being calling itself Soa, a trandoshan named Kephis, the Dread Lords, and an entire city filled with Black market thugs. none have stood in the wake of Fire and Blaster bolts. not to mention there is none that can best me in space combat, my ship, and I are feared galaxy wide, even Capital ships fall to its gun fire.

so you ask how do i achieve success? simple, i refuse to fail, as a hunter my name is more than an identity its my calling card. if i fail people doubt, if they doubt i stop working. and I never stop working. as for morality, Loyalty is cheif, but light dark, good evil, those are just titles give from beings who need to find a place in the galaxy.

Now, for this "esteemed colleague" and his experiment, it cant be allowed to happen, not once, and certainly not while 'Im around. Experimental droids, or Mutated Reek, id doesn't matter it will be stopped and preserved in a nice thick layer of carbonite, after all its work more to Czerka alive. those drinks and snacks can be left for others who will be blissfully unaware of how close to disaster thing could have been.
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