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I should require no introduction, However as you may be a desk worker in Human Resources working in some underground bunker on some long forgotten world, then I shall do so. I am Lilithine Sizhran, destroyer of worlds. All who come before my presence cower in fear as they look upon me. You may ask yourself, Why and How can a member of the Republic become so feared? The answer is simple, Power!
I have the power to destroy whoever I wish, and I do not care about the morals of the petty Republic or the Empire. I stand for Power and I will do what it takes no matter the cost. My greatest accomplishments if you really want a full list then I will have to kill you. However I will be obliged to list a few. I would say the ones I enjoy the most was freeing the World Razer from his Prison on Belsavis. A dismal world filled with the very scum this universe could think of. The Republic for all its glory, borrowed this ancient prison and did not even bother to learn what it was that was being imprisoned there. So I did what I felt this universe deserves, A parting gift to the Republic that while may be years away, within my scheme this act will surely be a showstopper. I have also learned how to Craft some of the strongest Biochemical Substances in the Universe, using some of the rarest and most powerful ingredients known and unknown. These substances have helped procure me much, and I will be all the more willing to share some of the secrets I have learned as well as those I will discover working with you on my endeavor to find even stronger ones. lastly I would say the destruction of some of the greatest powers in the Universe really is testament to my power, as none have stood before me and survived. The Republic, the Empire and even the Cartel have thrown every manner of creature and leader at me. I have destroyed or claimed then all. I have destroyed Sith Lords, and emperor wannabes, I have laid wastes to planets seized by greedy Hutts, and I have made soldiers and whole armies bow to their knees at the sight of me.
Success is only determined by power. Those with enough money and power can succeed on anything. With the resources at my disposal I accomplish my tasks with precision and focus, driven by the rage of power I do what ever it takes to see my goal is accomplished. If a World must be sacrificed to achieve my goal then I will destroy 3. Your last enquiry I find amusing, as I would ignore the situation for he would only be an esteemed colleague if he could take care of his own experiment. If he does not have the power to stop what he has created, then he does not deserve pity or help. If I returned to find his creation has run amuck and damaged the place and killed him, I would destroy the creature take his work and give it to someone who can do it better. I would then track down his family for compesation if any of my experiments was damaged. If he survived his ordeal, then I would watch to make sure he does not become a threat, ready to strike him down if he becomes one. I have seen what the Czerka corporation can do, and I am intrigued. I think we could work together as great partners. I bring about Power and Control, you have unlimited resources and the man power to do the work needed to control not just the Republic but all of the Empire and Outer worlds combined. I will be expecting your correspondence to formally welcome me onto the team. --Lilithine