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Position applying for: CZ-198 Application Security Officer

My name is Cammack , Weapon master skilled in all lethal and non-lethal munitions. I have even master the art of making my HK-51 droid a deadlier assassin then the Czerka Corporation manufactured him to be.

Achievements these were just another day in my life. The pathetic excuse for an Emperor and his apprentice Darth Malgus both fell at the end my saber. Crying and begging for there life as i wiped them from existence. I came face to face with the so called "infernal one" a sad excuse for a Rakata. His little mind traps a minor set back and yet even with his so called hypersensitive force power, was no match for me. A special team i personally recruited assisted me with delivering a killing blow to the Supreme Mogul of the Hutt Cartel Karagga an overgrow worm with no self respect to fight like a real hutt he tried to squash me with his giant robot spider but was stepped on like a worm. While exploring the Ancient Hypergate my team and I came across the being know as Lotek'k the so called "terror from beyond", he was defeat with the assistance of my strike team he was beaten back into the structure where we dislodge the beast from its hold. Most recently while traversing Darvannis with my strike team we came across Dread Master Styrak. He used the last of his powers to grow to an god like size and began to rampage on my team, only to be struck down. In his last moments of life, he commented that "One Lost, five remain, It will be enough." As his fellow Dreadmasters stood over him. I made sure to get a mental picture of them so that i may hunt them down later it is possible that they hold some technologies that may be beneficial to the Czerka corporation down the road.

I work long hours until the job is finished i am dedicated to accomplishing the task that i am given. I have put in overtime for previous employers even knowing the fact that i would not get paid for it.

I do what is needed to finish what i am working on a job is a job and if i am getting paid for a task you better believe that it will get done.

I would secure the experiment. Then i would have a talk with my colleague on how he could be so careless. While working for Czerka privacy and security come first we don't need experiments running amok and exposing company secrets. Then back to the snacks and drinks.
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