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I'm hopeful 4x4 arenas aren't the only thing coming to PVP subs in 2.4, if so my sub is likely lost until the sssp (if thats even real, or pvp centric). I have supported SWTOR since before launch, brought my whole WoW guild over and stuck around after they left BECAUSE i enjoy the pvp so much in swtor. It's fast paced and enthralling, but woefully starved of content.

We didn't even get new valor ranks for this expansion. That takes all of a lunch break to code in. What gives? Is gabe the only pvp dev left in the office? Why the lack of meaningful content all expansion long? Pvp subs are subs too, and many people I know only sub for alts and pvp. Why treat us like second class subs? This massive pvp patch you've hyped all summer just sounds like it's more PVE centric, with some pvp gear and some arena's thrown in. It should have been multiple new warzones, arena's, new gear, new valor, the start of s1, some world pvp on the new planet, and maybe retire the old pvp ranks with the new ones for prestige sake. Please tell me there's alot more behind the curtain than just 4x4 arena's, if not this is the nail in the coffin for the pvp sub.....

I love SWTOR, but it's becoming clear that the PVP devs don't love the game as much as I do. /sigh. I guess SWTOR won't be the MMO I stay with long term if this is the respect they have for the pvp sub. Quit treating your pvp subs like 2nd class subs BW. You have a great pvp system, but you are killing it by never giving it support.
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