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CZ-198 Application

1. Please tell us a little about yourself. Why do you want to be a part of the Czerka family?
My Name is Skywinder, Revan's Heir. I am a Jedi Sentinel who, throughout the years, has achieved the rank of Master in the Jedi Order. In my travels i have seen many of Czerka's ingenious inventions, and have wondered what it would be like to meet the individuals who created these marvelous works.

2. At Czerka, we pride ourselves on our accomplishments. Please name three of your accomplishments that you are most proud of. (Please do not include family milestones such as marriages or the birth of your children.)
The first major achievement I would like to point out is achieving the title of Master. To do this I had to travel to a lost world called Dromund Kaas and defeat the milenium old Sith Emporer. This was necessary to defend the Republic.
The second achievement i would like to point out is when I lead a team into the depths of Belsavis' Section X where we learned of the Dread Masters' plan and ended them as well. This beyond maximum security prison had a situation in which the inmates, under the control of the Dread Masters, had not only breach security and escaped, but they were causing all types of problems. These problems ranged from biochemical experiments on the local creatures, to releasing other followers of the dread masters who would have caused certain doom for the republic.
the third achievement was when a team of 16 was assembled, including myself, to repair an interdementional whole called a Hypergate. There was a imminent danger from a terrorific creature from beyond that gate. it took many trips to the medical droids, but after many attempts we were able to defeat the creature and repair the gate.

3. How did you go about achieving the accomplishments above. Would you say you would do "whatever it takes" for success?
I defeated the emporer to save the republic.
I stopped the Dread Masters really only because I wanted to get my hands on an HK droid.
I stopped the creature because the Gree asked me to.
I would stop at nothing to do it again if necessary.

4. Would you say you have a strong moral compass? Do you think this could get in the way of your job, should you be asked to do something...questionable?
I have strived to become fully attuned to the light side of the Force. I feel it would come down to the intent behind the "questionable" actions.

5. You are about to enjoy our wide variety of complimentary cocktails and snacks, when you notice that your esteemed colleague's newest experiment is likely to break out of their confines while you are gone. How would you handle this situation?
I would personally engage the creature first to subdue it. no need to waist perfectly good experimental specimens after all. I would then bring up the lack of security to a superior officer and see to it personally that the collegue is punished for his lack of concern for his experiment and for not observing the safety of all employees.

I look forward to speaking soon and if you have any further questions, please dont hesitate to ask.