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Darth Fernal Alizarin,
Emperor's Wrath

Attention: Czerka Corp.
Position sought: Organism Handler

I direct my attention to the following, in response to your query:

CZ-198 Application

1. Please tell us a little about yourself. Why do you want to be a part of the Czerka family?

I am the Executioner of our Emperor's Will. I demonstrate His might to those who fail or question Him. As his Justice personified, I am tasked with seeking power and glory to compliment his reign. With Czerka, these aims could be achieved efficiently and with maximum results. He tolerates no failure, thus I alone, am qualified to serve Him, and work with you.

2. At Czerka, we pride ourselves on our accomplishments. Please name three of your accomplishments that you are most proud of. (Please do not include family milestones such as marriages or the birth of your children.)

I have achieved wealth, status and prestige at a young age. My Legacy is at it's utmost and the future of me and mine is assured. I have brought glory to our Emperor. I wil disclose no further details, my work as Wrath will need to suffice.

3. How did you go about achieving the accomplishments above. Would you say you would do "whatever it takes" for success?

I am persistent. I do not stop, until my goals are met. Pity the fool that stands in my way.

4. Would you say you have a strong moral compass? Do you think this could get in the way of your job, should you be asked to do something...questionable?

My compass points North, it points South, East and West. I see no morality here. I do what is required of me.

5. You are about to enjoy our wide variety of complimentary cocktails and snacks, when you notice that your esteemed colleague's newest experiment is likely to break out of their confines while you are gone. How would you handle this situation?

That would depend, if I was responsible for the care and well being of said experiment. If it were in my charge, in this colleagues absence, it would be subdued and it's confinement expanded. However, if the fool left it in such a way that it could escape, and I personally was not responsible for it, then by all means, I would allow it to do so. He was a fool and clearly undeserving of the esteem bestowed upon him. I would of course plant a tracking dot upon the experiment, so that I might locate it with ease, when Czerka required me to do so. And then of course, I would only be too glad to fatally reprimand my colleague, in Czerka's name.