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CZ-198 Application - Research and Development

1. Please tell us a little about yourself. Why do you want to be a part of the Czerka family?

My past in Imperial Intelligence provided me with a strong base in research and checking facts to find the best results. With the elimination of the Intelligence department I find myself seeking new challenges.

2. At Czerka, we pride ourselves on our accomplishments. Please name three of your accomplishments that you are most proud of. (Please do not include family milestones such as marriages or the birth of your children.)

Tracking and destruction of the Star Cabal
Acquisition of the universes black book
Liberation of Multiple planets for my current employer while perusing my research goals

3. How did you go about achieving the accomplishments above. Would you say you would do "whatever it takes" for success?

I have drugged, killed, maimed, seduced, and generally done anything and everything needed to advance my goals.

4. Would you say you have a strong moral compass? Do you think this could get in the way of your job, should you be asked to do something...questionable?

I have no moral compass

5. You are about to enjoy our wide variety of complimentary cocktails and snacks, when you notice that your esteemed colleague's newest experiment is likely to break out of their confines while you are gone. How would you handle this situation?

If i would benefit directly from his/her failure I would ensure a recording of the event and then remove myself from the area.

If there is no direct benefit from the event I would arrange an impromptu learning exercise for the security teams for my viewing enjoyment.
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