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Quote: Originally Posted by cashogy_reborn View Post
new story arc = PvE content
new operation = PvE content
new operation = PvE content
4v4 arenas = PvP content
new gear = PvP/PvE content.

so the update you (bioware) have been hyping for the last ~2 months as being the best thing since sliced bread for PvPers, is going to be mostly about adding PvE content? please tell me that this is the most broad outline of an update ever.....

and new gear? again? ffs......
Paging Season 1 to the white courtesy telephone. PvP has been starved for significant improvements since preseason was announced well nigh over a year ago and you can't do a single release that is PvP only?

Does anyone want to lay odds that endgame bolster will still have bugs and there will be no rated WZ disconnect solution (e.g. allow reconnects like flashpoints and operations do)?

Obsoleting my Conqueror so I can regrind gear for all of my endgame toons again: FU BW.

Mr. Hat says "BW support is the best"!
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