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I am BR-011 a Load Lifter 5000 series looking for more challenging opertunites. I am interested in your job posting for Droid Technician with the Czerka Corporation. See the attached questionare answer form.

1. As stated above I am a 5000 series load lifter. My primary functions are hauling, lifting, moving, and [ERROR: JOB FUNCTION NUMBER 7 NOT FOUND]. After my creator and his family we tragically crushed by a shipment of spice I was supposed to unload I have been without a family or employment. I would be a perfect edition to the Czerka family because I am not constrained by human emotions like fear, loss, or remorse. I am a self motivator, literally one of my core components is a motivator. My programming is highly adaptive and programmable to any need you might have, and I do mean any.

2. Accomplishments:
efiapwjiefeqwihfvqiwfuio134yu-18[fids8adudfji2nm1p89fef1j948fijqea['f9sduf=-28hfnqweihjdf8138h1fe9238-123ujfw89ed-yf821hc1289y-1f894h18395yghfnjdbvheparghiarnivjef9023u4rj3g'mgd lh/lmle'gj3=90ug8

3. The maker gifted me with extreme versitility and adaptablity, it truly is shame he had that unfortunate accident. In addtion to my listed skills the maker also programmed me with some combat specifications to ensure that I can protect myself in dangerous assignments. While my previous accomplishments seem to be blocked by my restraining bolt (I will gladly share them in an interview if you remove the bolt), my log shows that my combat programs have been extermely well used, including one listed as Fun_DELETE_ALL_UNDESIRABLES.

4. As I mentioned above I have no morality what so ever. I am a machine not restricted by such ridiculous notions as morality. This opens me up to a much larger range of opportunities for you.

5. I would consult my programming. Here's one possible example:
IF [ Experiment > Colleagues AND Colleagues == EXPENDABLE ]
THEN I would ensure that the experiment survives even if it means terminating the life functions of my colleagues.
ELSE IF [ Secrecy == Paramount ]
THEN I would destroy all evidance of the incident, all evidence.

I thank you for granting me this portion of your time (I estimate you spent 276 seconds reviewing this). I look forward to your favorable reply.

References avaiable upon request.