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Application from Nexxi Landeck:

1. I grew up an orphan on Ord Mantell. After kicking around the galaxy on various oddjobs with a number of questionable characters, I embarked on my own as a bounty hunter. I have developed a very specific and unique skill set that would make me ideally suited for Czerka's security team. I've grown tired of the ratrace of bounty hunting and having to fend off the young kids looking to make a name for themselves. Instead of constantly having a price on my head, I'd like to settle down into something a little my normal. I have no family attachments or other commitments so I'm all about the job.

2. I won the most recent Great Hunt. I doubt anyone on your current security team could even qualify for the Great Hunt, let alone win it. I was also declared the Republic's most wanted criminal in the entire galaxy. However, don't worry, I bartered my way out of that distinction eventually. So, the Republic won't come knocking on your door looking for me. I also took down the oldest contract on vaunted The Black List of bounties, which no one had been able to do for years and years. You're probably thinking that I'm very overqualified for your security team....and you're right. I promised my friend, Mako, though that we would get into a more stable and less dangerous line of work. She's applying for a Droid Technician position with your company, but you'd be wise to put her into some sort of IT capacity. She's a whiz with computers.

3. I definitely do whatever it takes to get the job done. That's the hallmark of a great bounty hunter. I have to think on my feet and come up with creative, outside-the-box solutions to secure my objectives. This often involves taking out my competition so they don't beat me to the target.

4. My moral compass points in the direction of the most credits. As long as I'm getting paid, nothing will get in the way of me doing my job.

5. I'd post a member of my team to keep an eye on the experiment while I go find my colleague and drag him back there so he can do his job right. I'm not a babysitter and I'm not here to clean up other people's messes. We need to weed out the weak and under-qualified from the ranks.

References available upon request.