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CZ-198 Application
Security Position
1. Please tell us a little about yourself. Why do you want to be a part of the Czerka family?
I'm a trooper in the Republic, I follow orders that have been given to me without question, and I complete every task given to me completed with the best results. I'd like to be apart of the Czerka family because I believe I'd be a very valuable asset to the Family and everyone involved.
2. At Czerka, we pride ourselves on our accomplishments. Please name three of your accomplishments that you are most proud of. (Please do not include family milestones such as marriages or the birth of your children.)
1. I eliminated several high Imperial commanders
2. Took out four elite Commando squads (of 5) on Quesh by myself
3. Helped protect the Republic base on Illum from Imperial assault for 2 days and 3 hours.
3. How did you go about achieving the accomplishments above. Would you say you would do "whatever it takes" for success? Yes, I would do whatever it takes to ensure my mission is a complete success.

4. Would you say you have a strong moral compass? Do you think this could get in the way of your job, should you be asked to do something...questionable?
I do, but no, it wouldn't get in the way. I follow any and all orders to the letter.

5. You are about to enjoy our wide variety of complimentary cocktails and snacks, when you notice that your esteemed colleague's newest experiment is likely to break out of their confines while you are gone. How would you handle this situation?
Skip the food and drinks, handle the situation immediately by setting the area on Lock-Down, with me and my colleague in there to sedate the experiment.