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Join the Czerka team! Please fill out the following application and respond in this thread to be considered for the open positions listed here.

CZ-198 Application

1. Please tell us a little about yourself. Why do you want to be a part of the Czerka family?

2. At Czerka, we pride ourselves on our accomplishments. Please name three of your accomplishments that you are most proud of. (Please do not include family milestones such as marriages or the birth of your children.)

3. How did you go about achieving the accomplishments above. Would you say you would do "whatever it takes" for success?

4. Would you say you have a strong moral compass? Do you think this could get in the way of your job, should you be asked to do something...questionable?

5. You are about to enjoy our wide variety of complimentary cocktails and snacks, when you notice that your esteemed colleague's newest experiment is likely to break out of their confines while you are gone. How would you handle this situation?
Cz-198 creature handler application

1.) I am the emperors wrath. Buildings shatter at my touch. Armies fall by my might. Enemies lie sleepless in fear of me. But my emperor is silent, and my empire is crumbling. It is time to seek new opporotunities. Czerka cooperation can provide me with the drive I need, and provide me with skills needed to survive in this new galaxy.

2.) I. I crushed the republics top generals

II. I conquered the planet of balmorra, Taris, corellia, Illum, and infiltrated the planet of makeb and gained its powerful resource isotope 5.

III. I defeated karragga the hutt, the infernal one, and warlord kephess

IV. I averted the empire from falling into chaos by slaying the false voice, my old master.

3.) I did what ever it took with as many bloody bodies at my feet as possible. I am the emperors wrath, I know no fear. I do anything it takes.

4.) Morale compass!?! Hah! I will do what ever it takes to achieve my goals.

5.) I would secure the beast before it broke free, killing it if necessary. Then I would find the lazy weak fool in charge of the experiment and slay him for his incompetence and claim his work for my self.
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