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I have a few problems even though I pay and play this game. The first is while some of the main storylines are really good so many of the side quests that do bring up KotOR kind of treat it like it(fill in). Sort of like "anything you can do I can do better" when the quest really are not. As a KotOR player that doesn't really make me feel all warm and fuzzy for a quest story to keep telling you how big a failure your victory really was(not once, but multiple times).

The other thing that miffs me off a bit is to imply this amusement park is the living breathing world for "fans" who "have wanted to live in that universe". Sorry I've had some fun, but the game (not talking about story here) has as much depth as cotton candy when compared to a steak dinner with baked potato. Its like tying a bow on a frozen turkey and telling me here is my new pet gobbler.
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