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I am Lineage, a Sith Lord. The position I am applying for is Security Officer.

I figured since current prospects have been low that I would conquer...I mean join your organization just to kill time.

I killed my master...I mean to say removed him of his position through other means. I recently took over some property through...persuasive means. I attacked a stronghold and took out thousands..once again, I meant to say I helped in the removal of my enemies.

Mostly through force...That is to say seer intelligence. And yes I would.

Yeah..I'm pretty sure I have one of those lying around somewhere... Hardly...wait, that's what a moral compass is?

I would do nothing and laugh as the experiment is kills some people and then subdue it myself...By that I mean I would help in securing the creature before any harm befell my allies.
"There is no emotion they said. There is peace they said. Then explain why I'm in the middle of a war!?"