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CZ-198 Application - Security Officer
"Applicants with abundant conflict experience will receive priority consideration."

To be an employee of Czerka one must commit their self, time, and resources to create the finest products and technologies that one can; exceptional goods fit for kings and queens, marketed and sold to every sapient being in the galaxy. Anything less would be treason! I have the motivation and the drive to succeed in this environment. You ask why I want to be a part of the Czerka family; I ask you, why would you not want someone who has the same commitment and skills your Special Executives do?

I have accomplished much in my time. So much so I have trouble counting which would be the most important ones. I have challenged and defeated an Ancient Alien Warlord that was locked up for thousands of years. This Warlord rocked the Galaxy before Czerka existed, before Coruscant and the Galactic Republic was formed, back in a time when Tatooine was not such a barren waste land. This warlord was released by the war between the Republic and Sith Empire, by my hand that evil was defeated. Following my actions on Belsavis, I was sent to take care of an issue with the Hutt's. For some reason, they felt it prudent to feed me to a Rancor (a rather large Rancor I may add). Needless to say, their goal was not satisfied. Furthermore, that pet Rancor (along with the Hutt and Hutt's organization) will not be heard from again. Long story short, I killed a rancor single handed with nothing but a Vibroblade. After my "skills" became known, I was recruited by the Gree (an ancient Alien race that disappeared from the known Galaxy after building Coruscant) to go to one of their home planets to push off an invading creature from another dimension. When I got to the planet I had to fight my way through indigenous vicious wildlife, Dread Guards (a radical sect of Sith not loyal to the Empire), ancient Gree defenses and a Giant Enhanced Lizard (that was thought to be killed on Denova) before reaching the beast. The fight with this creature was long and painstakingly annoying. In the end I finished off the creature in the void, pushed it back into its dimension and sealed the gateway. These are some of my most recent "adventures" shall we say. They make me qualified in facets that no on else can be.

Seeing as how my success was and is innately dependent on whether I am dead or alive, I choose to remain alive and by extension successful. I do whatever it takes.

My moral compass points towards my success and life. What is required for both points due north. In order to be successful in work, I must do what is necessary to complete my objectives.

"You are about to enjoy our wide variety of complimentary cocktails and snacks, when you notice that your esteemed colleague's newest experiment is likely to break out of their confines while you are gone. How would you handle this situation?"

This is quite the interesting hypothetical. I would begin by finishing collecting the snacks and cocktails I was after. On my way to the experiment I would casually place restraining cuffs on my incompetent colleague. Upon reaching the experiment I would either lure it (biological in nature) or move it (mechanical in nature) on to my colleagues star ship. Once that is complete, the star ship gets sent into the middle of the nearest sun. This method accomplishes multiple objectives:

1) I still get to enjoy my booze and snacks.
2) The colleague is restrained and available for punishment for his incompetence (it is of paramount importance Czerka does not have morons working for them).
3) The threat to the facility is removed.

Bonus: That incompetent colleague is (at the very least) punished for his actions with the loss of his star ship.

In closing, I have the proper mind and skill set to excel and make Czerka a stronger corporation. Nothing short of greatness is acceptable.
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