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1. I am a Jedi Knight of the Galactic Republic looking for the reasources to carry out 'aggressive negotitations' with the ambassador from Cato Neimoidia. I require access to the abundant resouces that Czerka Corporations has to offer to carry through with said negotiations. I can also serve as a personal bodyguard to any field agents or scientists located in dangerous terrains.

2. a) The destruction of multiple high ranking Sith Lords.
b) Boarding and disarming an Imperial Warship single handedly.
c) Bringing a dangerous drug lord to Republic justice.

3. A large amount of resources and intelligence were required for all three of the above. There was also a fair amount of undercover work required for options a) and c).

4. As a Jedi, I am forbidden to take life without a proper reason. I am, however, capable of finding a way to complete my tasks through democratic solutions, as well as through shows of force.

5. I would order all employees and civilians out of the area, and would try to contain the threat until security forces arrive. I would then proceed to assist the security teams in the apprehension of the 'experiment'.

- Ronari Odara, The Keeper of Truth