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1. I Am a Sith Marauder. You may refer to me as Leodrake. I feel that the Empire is becoming to strict and therefore redundant. As a Blood-thirsty Killer I find that I would do quite well working in a Growing organization such as yours.
2. I have demoted (killed) many Jedi and Sith lords. I have removed Dread master Styrak, Karagga, And also Soa from our Galaxy.
3. I find the best way to get things done is to use my anger and light saber to instill the fear of my wrath to get things done. and when that fails........ well I fallback to wanton murder.
4. I find Morals are for those whom I crush beneath my feet as i work my way up the corporate food-chain.
5. I may feel that such a thing might be a danger to many and may also ruin my festivities. So, I would have to put down said creature in order to guarantee it will not escape.