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I'm Harkman Kent, Mercenary for hire. I'm talented in acquisition and recovery of of product. I have a well rounded team in place to help with any issues that might come up. With help from my tech specialist Mako I became the Champion of the Great hunt. I've managed to hunt down two rogue members of my association with a little help from a friend and I repaired the damage they wrought. Finally I helped bring order to Balmorra under contract with Darth Lachris. I have proven and will restate that I will do whatever it takes to succeed.

Morality doesn't play into my Job, as long as the pay is good I can look the other way. That being said I am very loyal to my employer and I don't take well to bribery. After telling my crew of the situation, I would keep them at the location and to notify me if the situation proceeded to get worse, if it did I would excuse myself of the party and handle the problem myself, with hope to take down the experiment non lethally. I know experimentation is costly and you wouldn't have to start from scratch again would you?