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^Not surprised some posters have NO SENSE OF HUMOR.

Position - Security Officer

1. I was a freelance pilot, then I lost all my credits, my ship, and my crew (Except for my HK droid) in a Pazaak game, so I need credits. And Czerka has lots of them.

2. A. Killing an Imperial Grand Moff
B. Killing an Imperial Grand Admiral
C. Owning the fastest ship in the Galaxy

3. Lots of kicking people below the belt, shooting them, and backhanding them with my Blaster Pistols.

4. Meh, I used to have one. But, if I get paid the big money, I say... "What moral compass?"

5. I send my esteemed colleague to go get my food for me, and keep an eye on his experiment, since he is an incompetent person.
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