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Hello everyone!

October 1 is our target for Game Update 2.4! This update is shaping up to be very big:
  • The Planet Oricon, a short story arc that will bring you face-to-face with the Dread Masters.
  • New Operation: Dread Fortress
  • New Operation: Dread Palace
  • New 4v4 Warzone Arenas
  • New Elder Game PvE and PvP Gear

This isn’t an exhaustive list, and we are also working on several longer term initiatives. As we get closer we’ll have a lot more juicy details on these and on what’s above. Keep your eyes peeled to the forums and for more information!
really? instead of more pve content which you guys seem to love adding, make a pvp patch with new maps for pvp.. i dont undertstand how you can have 20 million planets that are HUGE but yet its hard to make a pvp map every few months. 4v4 sounds cool i guess but what about rwz? no incentive still to do those
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