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Lord Scourge is unchanged. He still wears long underwear and relaxed and Mira's gear lady style. He can wear covert gear correctly.

I find this weird because he actually has a playable species body (like Vector).

Maybe he just likes to wear his relaxed gear sassy or perhaps his old fashioned sensibilities means he won't do the shirtless sleeves thing.
Hmm, thinking this over...

Covert gear seems to have the effect of making the gear in that slot invisible, as if no gear were worn.

Gear like the relaxed top actually seems to make a new torso for the character. (I think all armor does this, technically...) Try wearing a relaxed top on a female Chiss, or, i suspect, anyone with a darker skin color -- the exposed skin of the torso seems to be colored a little differently than when not wearing armor at all. I'm guessing something's awry in whatever determines how to fill in that "bare skin" for certain companions.

The fix that is described by Amber specifically calls out "when not wearing armor". :S
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