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As someone who does quite a bit of raid-healing..... wow, the headaches I would have!

I can't see what this would benefit..... Arranging raid frames to group healers/tanks/dps isn't really that difficult, and any person of average intelligence should be able to follow it pretty easily. And watching a health bar, regardless of it's color, is not all that difficult either. It's either full or not full. What would the colors represent? A dps at 50% HP is not as much of a crisis as a Tank at 50% HP, since he could get one-shotted by a frontal/cleave, so if it was milestone color changes, it would be to be different by role, and how would you assign that, for classes that can both tank and dps? I guess it could be done at the beginning of a raid by the healer on his own UI (as you listed)... but I still don't see what sort of benefit it would add.

A rainbow of color on my ops frame? That option would get shutoff immediately.
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