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However, the Patch Notes have been updated now to correctly reflect that he, Ashara, and over a dozen other companions will now appear properly. The note is:
  • The following Companion Characters will now have their skin/fur appear consistent when not wearing armor:
    • Akaavi Spar
    • Aric Jorgan
    • Ashara Zavros
    • Gault
    • Guss Tuno
    • Kaliyo
    • Lord Scourge
    • Sergeant Rusk
    • Skadge
    • Tanno Vik
    • Vette
    • Xalek
    • Yuun
    • Zenith
Hi Amber,
What about Vector? It's puzzled me for a while that as a human(ish) companion, he has/had no skin. :x Is there hope for my BFF's wish for Vector in a Relaxed Jumpsuit?
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