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07.16.2013 , 09:45 AM | #25
Grumbles. Grumbles everywhere.

Yet again today we were almost done and the tank (guardian) had been needing on multiple pieces of aim gear that our healer needed (and said so many times in party chat). After another boss was killed and another piece of aim gear was needed on, I initiated a kick.

Well, it failed. The other dps stopped the kick because he just wanted to get it done. BUT the tank (the ninja) initiated a kick (because ... revenge kick?) and it was somehow immediately accepted (the dps and healer weren't given an option to vote against it..?) and I was removed from the group near the very end. Being deployed, I have minimal time that I can play during the week and then having it all be wasted when I try to do the daily/weekly is highly frustrating.

This vote to kick system is beyond aggravating and I don't get why it is set up the way it is. *SO* frustrating. And just 'ignoring' people isn't a long-term fix. The system shouldn't enable people to be awful. A vote to kick should initiate a vote to kick and you need x votes for it to go through, not "hey you're being kicked now unless people know how to say no'.
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