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The elected representative doesn't necessarily need to be an expert in all aspects of the AC, what's important is the rep be the 'voice of the community' and represent the most common questions the community puts forth. And although they can & should participate in discussions, their primary role should be to 'listen' and when it comes to selecting the questions to ask the Devs, it needs to be a completely unbiased decision based on the feedback from everyone.

Shout out to those who have put my name in the box, love you all and humbled. If I ever somehow end up in that role, I'll do my best to represent!
This mades me feel pretty confident that we will have a good representative with odawgg for all aspects of the mercenary class, regardless which field he is an expert (or not :P).

Aerro is a good choice aswell.

Glad to see that already the nomination goes in the right direction and that we have such strong candidates.

Looking forward to the 'real' voting xD