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I quit doing daily hm fp due to this. I used to do them 1-3 times pr day before they broke bt and tf. It was one of the things that almost made me quit the game. Eventually it led to me losing my officer status due to lack of motivation, which led me to leave my guild.

I'm not a developer, but not having fixed this yet, is pathetic. There has been countless threads about it, often with dev response telling the users to update various things, but we all know it's the game, not us. I cant remember exactly what patch it was, but i think it was in november. Something in my head is saying 1.6.2. Not too long before christmas atleast.

I've tried to get several of my friends to play this game. But the first thing they face is a ****** engine with crashes that has been around for over half a year. Why would anyone want to play that garbage?
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