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07.16.2013 , 06:28 AM | #62
I haven't had too many issues with groups just sucking. There was a group that didn't have enough dps to down the bonus boss in mandalorian raiders.

I also was tanking a group on final boss of Cademimu and both dps died. The healer and I ended up doing the whole fight. It was so much fun too! I guess that boss doesnt enrage. Im not sure how good jugg tank dps is and I had to keep doing shackles on healer. But that was the most fun Ive had in this game.

I do kinda agree about the loot. Really no reason for half of the bosses in each FP to drop useless loot. 2 comms per boss is soo measly as well. If you get a loot ninja in this game, it can be soo heartbreaking.