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07.16.2013 , 04:34 AM | #6
As one of those players who really only does pugs(Not in a real guild, just made one and don't yet have enough people), I find that 'premades', or just randomly gathering on fleet, usually works on fleet...for sm ops at least.

I never queue for flashpoints unless I have at least one other person to 'make up' for the group, as it becomes annoying to wipe because people who don't know what to do REFUSE to listen.

I have tried, and will probably continue trying, to run HM ops through premades. however each time it is only TFB and we fail at Op IX, as one or two players(DPS usually) either refuse to do things correctly(Like channeling when you're supposed to and such).

On a final note, before transfers opened I could tell you who I'd want in my raid groups, who to stay away from, and players who are good but have a really bad attitude. Now? Not so much, as Double XP has added to the list quite a bit. Hopefully pugging gets a little easier, but in the meantime my ignore list will grow longer.