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07.16.2013 , 01:27 AM | #5
From my experience, time in the FP queue seems to get shorter for dps lately. Sometimes I'm really surprised how quick I get a group. But in the same time, the groups got a bit worse. Before, when the queue took about an hour, I rarely had any problems and not finishing seemed unimaginable. Now I experience a bit more fails than I'd like to, but in general the groups are still very successful and quite capable.

Ops remain a problem, try to find a group via GF is a suicide mission because of terrible waiting time and big chance of fail. Things get significantly better when you get into group that's gathering from random people on the fleet. Often these groups consist of people which you get to know sooner or later if you participate in such ops. So more you do these pug Ops, the easier and more enjoyable it gets.