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Re the thread topic - for low level FPs any class of healer is fine, as even companions can heal FP bosses with no trouble.

Re the click vs bind discussion - I use a combination, and it works fine for me. I don't do Ops or Ranked WZs but I did the equivalent in WoW and performed just fine (I was a very good raider, but didn't do Arena seriously so was only average there).

I use a combination for 2 reasons:
1. I have small hands (I can reach shift & 6 at the same time, and ctrl and 5 if I stretch but nothing passed them)
2. I 25M raid healed in WoW for years, which requires clickcasting if you want to be any good

For those who aren't familiar with WoW raid healing:
- You have the 10/25 raid frames on your UI with health & mana displayed so you can monitor the heal team's resources, and you bind raid healing abilities to different mouse clicks, and keybind your tank healing and aoe abilities to keyboard above wasd so you can strafe and heal.
- During the fight you have the tank targetted, and you are using your keybinds to heal him while strafing and mouse moving, and you click on the raid frames (left/right/middle depending on which spell you want) to heal the raid, only using a key-mouse combination to target one (shift click for me) if they need some heavier heals you have keybound
- You only click actual abilities if you want to do something special like pop your big once-a-fight spell, at all other times you are busy clicking heals on different raid members and using the mouse to move (and as a resto druid I was constantly on the move)

So basically there's no way you could exclusively keybind raid heal and perform anywhere near as good as the clickcasters, with 25 different people to target and only a global cooldown (which was faster in WoW as healers typically ran with a nice chunk of haste) to have someone else targetted and a specific ability executed.

So while I do mouse move for the most part, I still strafe a lot because I'm used to my mouse being tied up for clickcasting, which sadly you can't seem to do in this game. I would love to set up a clickcasting UI for warzones.
i never play WOW in my life
what i see with most mmorpg that i play in my 9 years of gaming that some mmorpg

use way to many hotbars to many skills and so on its for some players a pain in butt to make a good
few how and where to put all your skills

if you ever play GW2 you see that they did it much beter less skills easy to use
ok you have more skills but you need to swap weapens if your good ad that

they more focus on move alot with your WASD and use dodge alot
you cant stand stil in combat

also you dont have pots only your heal skill

but ok i get used to it now but still a pain to see so many skills in your screen XD
but so far so good the more OPS i do the beter i learn how to work those skills

AS LONG the tanker no what he most do
and the both DPS stil they want to kill to fast and jump way to fast to mobs when tanker dont argo yet

and the dps get low hp fast
but i let them die if the do it to much i hope the beq for heals

so if you party with me dont make mistakes as dpser i send you to hell
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