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07.15.2013 , 09:15 PM | #80
A new direction - multi-path story lines: Bioware really needs to change how they develop games. If you really want to develop a game which keep player interested, you need open-world multi-path options. SWTOR needs several more worlds, larger game play areas, switchable sides, open space combat (re-Prophecy or similar type games), troopers and smugglers on the Imp side, agents and bounty hunters on the pub side, consequences for light/dark actions, and no more "save the world/galaxy" by a lone jedi - should be by the action of many acting together to overcome impossible odds (can we say massive PVP?) on multiple fronts over many years!

Not an easy option - just need to re-think how its done. I don't care about titles, cartel market, reputation, achievements, more flashpoints or ops, or gearing up - I want to live life through this game - If I die, I go back and start over, if I accel in a particular area (pilot, trooper, jedi, ect..); I will succeed!!!!! ---- multi-path please!!!! The same answer should not always mean the same story line. If I play a Jedi knight 10 times, it should not end up the same redundent factory options/story............................!