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Quote: Originally Posted by HKtheindomitable View Post
Suggestion: Slow down on your cruse through the forums to tell people why they're wrong to be upset, and read the threads. You might just find that folks are right, even if only a little.
I've been reading the posts and thinking about them most of the day. I too wanted more, an event in game or at least a mail on the history coming from KOTR or the future of Revan. I was a little disappointed.

While I feel sympathy, I also feel sympathy for the developers. I agree that the holiday rewards in this game are horrible but the way that the consumers respond is just as bad.

In the end, this is what we got. There is nothing that can change that.

Further, we have known that this is what we were getting for a week. A blog, a title, and cartel coin giveaways on their facebook page.

Quote: Originally Posted by Devrius View Post
at the very least since they *did* say a couple of in-game items one extra thing other then the tittle so I wouldn't feel like they lied to me...
Is there a reference for the additional items? I never saw anything about it. I did hear on the TorWars podcast that the staff (of torwars) expected an ingame event.