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All of the responses are similar to a child crying on Christmas because he didn't get the toy he wanted. If individuals responded constructively, maybe Bioware can change in the future. Until then, their choices for rewards in game will be left up to the marketing team.

Little Jimmy over in GW 2 got this and Little Timmy in WoW got that.
Observation: You've missed the point of their posts then.

Correction: There have been some suggestions. But most haven't given any because we want to be surprised. We don't want to tell them how to celebrate the 10 years of KotOR. But when BioWare presents a way that only a very, very, very select few can celebrate it and feel like they were a part of something, then that's going to generate more complaints than complements.

Revelation: I know it's tough for meatbags to do, but when you look past the fact that the posts are posts of displeasure, and actually read them and find out why they're not happy and why there's so much of it, you begin to have sympathy and feel empathy for them.

Admission: Normally I would agree with you. But this instance is different.

Suggestion: Slow down on your cruse through the forums to tell people why they're wrong to be upset, and read the threads. You might just find that folks are right, even if only a little.
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