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Observation: That is a new low for that response.

Statement: I've seen responses like that before that were used pretty low brow. But this is just not right at all.

Defensive Statement: I've removed the user's name because it doesn't matter who it is. The response in itself is just wrong. Having not done something would have been better if this is all we get. This isn't a call out for BioWare to see, it's for the users who feel the same way.
All of the responses are similar to a child crying on Christmas because he didn't get the toy he wanted. If individuals responded constructively, maybe Bioware can change in the future. Until then, their choices for rewards in game will be left up to the marketing team.

The exception came in the form of a drawing rather than the random giveaway. I agree this would have been a better option.

Little Jimmy over in GW 2 got this and Little Timmy in WoW got that.