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and why is that?

when I'm dps GF takes 2-3 hours find a group and that group is usually utter fail.

When I'm healing I need to off-dps and do some crazy maciks when everyone run around like lemmings.

when I'm tanking and happily get a group instantly the team most of the time will consist of suicidal ppl which runs ahead of me.

few minutes ago was my last attempt to pug 55 (from now own only with my guildies :X ) FP.

first the dpsers are all afk and I need to wait the entire countdown 4 times until one team is all ready.
next we get Mando Raiders HM which is damn pain due to the dogs with their epic dps there.

it's starts by getting to the first boss which I kill solo! the tank.. with tank gear... solo killing the main boss which after his death 1 dog still alive! ridicolous.
from there they started rushing ahead and 3-4 wipes later we got to the 2 turrets before the Team boss and the healer refuse to heal! just shooting stuff and getting me killed.
20k repairs bill I left them there and went for gsi \ makeb weeklys. no more pug grouping.

I used to suck bad when I started to play but for love of god when somone told me "plz don't do that" or "plz do that" I did and got better... it's really spoiling the fun.

I don't even start talking about operations... god... on my guild we do classic ones on HM with 4-5 ppl no problem at all while with pugs at 55 total wipe due to players lemming sense and that they refuse to read tactics in chat..

this sucks.
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