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07.15.2013 , 02:50 PM | #61
When I hit 55 on each of my characters (eight, one of each AC) I crafted them all a set of blue 66 gear (148 rating). My main character on each side (guardian & marauder) got purple 66 gear (156). So you can actually craft (or have crafted) purple 66 gear--the primary drops from 55 HM FPs. The last boss and bonus boss are the only reason I do them (well, elite comms).

This morning I did Athiss. After dying to the bonus boss enraging twice, I get back to the room and get ready to try again. One of the damage says, "why are we trying again? I keep getting knocked back out of range to heal you"

Again, one of the damage. Who refused to stand with his back to the statue, both to make AE healing easier on the healer, and to avoid the knockback. But it doesn't matter, because he was casting heals. I told him to just bring the deeps instead, and we killed the boss.

Last night, running Hammer Station, we were on the bonus boss there and I sent a tell to the gunslinger, regarding the commando damage in the group: "Dude, I've noticed your ability priority is on point, so I'm going to beg you to do the most damage you've ever done for 3 minutes--because that has to be the worst commando I've ever seen."

He replied that he was just thinking the same thing. This guy was just pushing random buttons, from the looks of it. Explosive Round... silence... Charged Bolt... wasted GCD... Plasma Grenade... long pause... Grav Roudn... ***? Then I noticed... he was waiting for his ammo to get to full before pushing a button--and never using filler attacks. It was really mortifying and his damage was HORRIBLE. But he was in 148 gear.

I really don't find the FPs to be the problem these days. :P