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It's amusing to watch the turn in threads sometimes... I'm sorry for sin tanks in this game because developers can't find a way to fix you guys without breaking the class for pvp (which it will...look at all the tank hybrids pre 2.0 in pvp) but that's not the main point of this thread. (though I'm with you.. sin tanks desperately need fixing)

The point of this thread, even though some of you find it to be a qq from a marauder...when it's not, is to see if certain mechanics during a boss encounter are actually broken or working as intended. Marauder Defensive CD's are not working during the lightning explosion to save them from death and snipers are able to immune all of them. These are two things that I'm pretty sure is not working as intended.

People that come to these forums need to realize that there are players who just want to make the operation scene much better then what it is. Asking the development team if they intended certain classes to be completely unharmed when using certain abilities at the right time during specific raid encounters........ IS NOT A QQ. These are genuine questions that should've come up during the testing cycle of this operation to make the encounter more difficult and also remove "easymode" kills.

Using certain classes abilities correctly or incorrectly to avoid a boss mechanic whether it is working or not... should not happen within a raid encounter. For example... Vanish Rezzing: Still in the game since release but never any confirmation if this is "okay". It's a free battle rez for almost every occasion, working around the 5 minute in combat rez... Is this an ability that should be working like this?

Another example is the Sorc/sage pull during the Kephess fight in EC. When a player has the bomb they can be immediately pulled once the grapple goes up under the walker... which will cause that player to completely avoid all damage and still knock down the bomber. To me... This was never working as intended but was never addressed.

My examples are questions to the development team in order to make the raid encounter more smooth and not have any class bias. (though I can see where the sin tank arguments can be applied here).