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07.15.2013 , 02:25 PM | #46
Well this sure smells like EA... Got to say if you want to celebrate one of the best games you sure went all out to make it happen. (sarcasm) you got a stupid Facebook give away just proving your bigger idiots then ever. A stupid wallpaper that would've been allot better from a fan and time wasted writing on a blog... Oh and the 10 cc title that will probably pay for your 10th anniversary party...

Ten years and it probably took you guys 10 minutes to come up with that crap. Ive seen gaming companies have more pride and there games and there fan base.

All and all thank you. Tomorrow you can continue to be a mediocre company and offer us no content.
As new "Exciting" Content is inexistent.

I find myself taking longer breaks from this game every time.