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07.15.2013 , 01:59 PM | #39
Thank you for making Knights of the Old Republic. Had a whole lot of fun playing through it multiple times (Light and Dark side, male or female toon, different starting class & Jedi class). I first got hooked on the Old Republic era from the Dark Horse comic series "Tales of the Jedi", and then being able to explore that era with KoTOR, KoTOR II and SWTOR games. Again a big THANK YOU Bioware (yes, I know Obsidian made KoTOR II, Sheldon)

It would of been nice if the celebration for KoTOR's 10 year party to be an in game event (ie. special mission).

Just a couple questions:
Why do a Cartel Coin giveaway where you have to Facebook account?
Why not a Cartel Coin giveaway through (since you Need a account to play the game)