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[QUOTE=raptorQ;6550367]•Epic storytelling in The Old Republic era
** As much as I love SWTOR, I can't describe the storytelling as epic..
I've had some epic moments. Epic or not I enjoy the stories very much

•Cinematic storytelling
** Yup, safe to say.

•The internal struggle between good and evil
** A little I suppose, but nothing you choose make a difference in outcomes so meh..
after playing several classes multiple times I've seen some outcomes go differently. The stories behind the Flashpoints and some of the Warzones I thought i thought reflected this

•Becoming a Jedi
** More than that. Choosing your own path. SWTOR seems to lack that and it would be cool if a Sith could align with the Republic or....
I"m not sure exactly what you're suggesting here. I thought the storytelling for becoming a Jedi or a Sith were good.

•Owning your own Millennium Falcon inspired starship
** Something seems lacking here.
Are you referring to kTOR or SwTOR? Smugger = awesome Millennium Falcom inspired starship. I only wish I could unlock that ship for all my characters.

•Traveling to many different worlds
** Sure.
come on don't be a downer. It's a definite yes

•Adventuring with companion characters that you cared about.
** I really have no feelings towards any of the companions. Needs work. I totally love love love Qyzen, Yuun, Xalek, Scorpio and Scourge
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