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07.15.2013 , 12:51 PM | #75
the damage weight numbers are actually the same. KBN used only the k/e info to get 0.79 by taking .7793/(.7793+.207). i have the extra 1% damage in i/e. both of us still get 1 (.79+.21 versus .7793+.207+.0137), but i have 3 weights and he has 2. there is no difdference in this regard since optimization does not take i/e into account, but i left it in my calcs for post armor dtps.

the difference you are seeing is due to KBN assume a contant 7.x% buff to defense due to oil slick, where i consider that to be mroe of a oh crap cd.

another difference is the way in which shield is treated. he assumes that shield is between 40 and 60%, but i do not have any requirements on shield for vanguards, since they want more than the minimum obtainable (unlike shadow and guardian for snv hm numbers... tfb hm is a different story).

hope that helps