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The internal struggle between good and evil: Think i must have missed this, ive played 2 charaters and simpley not seen anything that could be described as such, If this was in the game, shouldnt it have some effect on how the game plays out? You are given the choice between emp and rep at the start of the game and whatever you choose during dialog you are stuck with it.

Becoming a Jedi: You are thrown into which ever role you pick at the very start of the game, again regardless of choices you make in the game. There is no "becoming" you just are, assuming you picked that at charater creation.

Owning your own Millennium Falcon inspired starship: Yea, you own a ship, but you cant do much with it, the space missions are so much on the rails that you pretty much have little to no control. IMHO the ship is just a loading gap between plannets.

Adventuring with companion characters that you cared about: Now this one has really disapointed me, i was a huge fan of the companions on tor1 and 2, but on here you are lucky if you get more that a short chat, half of the companions hardly even change if you put armour on them and there is no change to their skills, apperance or the very few random phrases they blurt out every so often: not even from those chats or if you lucky one short mission.