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I am deeply sad there is not an in-game event. It would have been such a fun way to weave the history into SWTOR a bit more deeply. There are already quests here and there that do that (Imperial, Nar Shaddaa, for instance) as well as Flashpoints. It would have been so awesome if the Imperial Reclamation Service on one side and perhaps the Republic Intelligence folks for the Pub side had gone treasure hunting in both factions to uncover an old Star Map or some such. Darn. That would have been fun. Now, on the bright side, glad that there is ANY acknowledgement... that part makes me happy. But could have been so much more, for the game that really was the genesis of this one.
Absolutely agreed. Some treasure hunt to relevant places or a tour of mementos of the KotOR events would've been nice. Some "News" video about the events, holostatues on the fleets... something ingame that honor the event and the game that spawned the whole.

I get the title (most likely i'll never use but of course I have it), but very disappointed that the other "celebration" is just some "first 10 gets CC" only on facebook.
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