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07.15.2013 , 08:57 AM | #16
So if you have two shadow tanks then none of them go on thrasher? In any case, I have tanked thrasher with my shadow in hard mode and yes, even if I play my shadow perfectly, bad RNG may kill me. There was also a mention here about battle readiness which, in the current state of PVE, is an ability on a very long cooldown.

Would be nice if more stop by the shadow tank forums and read that spikes happen more often than cooldown availability for a shadow. While Suckafish is taking an Assassin tank please look at their healers and group when they play. Everything is tuned to help furyi and then some. When furyi gets one shot as a tank you can't say assassins/shadows are fine. Sorry to say but the game is broken at the moment and does not cater for the majority. I want to know how many guilds have healers like suckafish and how many don't?

A guardian can take TWO THE END from sunder without dying. A vanguard can take two as well without dying, a shadow will take one thru resilience and if his battlereadiness is on cd, because he used it from the massive butchering it is goodnight my someone, goodnight. Heck, even through battlereadiness I got killed a few times because I was the only tank alive. Of course you can argue about tank swapping mechanics but the truth remains : other tanks provide a better chance of success. This is HODOR as the balancing needs to be better. How you doing Jesse? All good?