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I have all classes. Im just putting this up for people to voice their beliefs. I believe the best class is the inquisitor for they can heal,dps, and off tank the best. The best tank class is Juggernaut. The best healing class tho is Sorceror for they can battle rez. The best dps class for soloing stuff i believe is the Mercenary for they can just shoot and run with little channeling. Feel free to argue with me.
This guys is clueless. The bounty hunter class can dps, tank or heal as well, but not in the same AC, none of them can. You have to choose either heal/dps or tank/dps. Plus any AC that can heal has a battle res. My thoughts are that he only has a sorc, and maybe looked at a jugg and merc without any knowledge of them or any other class.
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