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On Friday in HM Thrasher hit me for over 30k as well. I got instant kill from Operations Chief too. Althogether I died 10 times through 2,5h very good run through S&V HM. 1-2 deaths may have been avoided with more optimal group composition (we had two sage healers, and one of them was extremely good player but on slightly undergeared character), but a few were hard to avoid in any way

We have a cooldown that helps though - Battle Readiness. But it's just one ability on long cooldown. I hope it get slightly better when I have more gear, I now have everything you can have from TFB HM except second UW relic and some stuff from S&V.
Don't go on thrasher as a sin/shadow tank. You should be going up on the adds, while those guys hurt, they aren't "as" bursty and you'd do better anyway.

While it sucks that you can't tank trasher very well as a sin tank, that's the hands we were dealt. So don't put yourself in a position where you'll most likely die. You have two tanks for a reason so abuse the system a bit.